Here are just a few of our classmates that we are looking for.  

Should you have any information (e.g., married name, sibling names &/or numbers, location) please forward the information using the "Contact Us" on this site. 

If you are still in contact with the classmate, please inform him/her of this website. 

                         Thank You: 
The Planning Committee


Dennis Buckey                         Janice Dipple
Tanya French                          Katherine Graul
Theta Hasty                            Sandra Williams
John Zyvonoski                       John Benson
Kathleen Ball                           Leslie Cloud
Douglas Crouch                       Ronald DeMatteis
Louis DiPaolo II                      Janice Dipple
Steven Farra                          Kristina Puhakka  
Cynthia Cossin                         Debra Fowler 
Rebecca Gilbert                     Jerry Gordon
Katherine Graul                      Patricia Holbrook
Patrice Kent