Test your memory of 1976.  

Please send any suggested quiz questions through "Contact Us" on this website.  We are looking for questions pertaining to our class and our school (e.g., who was voted class clown?; who won the rival football game?; etc...)
1) What was the 1976 #1 "Billboard" Song when we graduated?
Oh What a Night
Play That Funky Music
Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Silly Love Songs
2) 1976 Gas Price was?
72 cents
65 cents
60 cents
55 cents

3) Who won the 1976 World Series?
Cleveland Indians
Cincinnati Reds
New York Yankees
4) Acadamy Award Best Picture in 1976 was?
Bound for Glory
All The Presidents Men
Taxi Driver

5) Who Played in the 1976 Rose Bowl?
USC / Michigan
UCLA / Michigan
6) 1976 Presidential Election was between?
Jimmy Carter / Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter / Bob Dole
Richard Nixon / Gerald Ford
Richard Nixon / Bob Dole

7) Which TV show that started in 1976 had the longest run?
The Bionic Women
Charlies Angel
Laverne & Shirley
8) What song has the following lyrics: "Don't say a word, my virgin child Just let your inhibitions run wild The secret is about to unfold Upstairs before the night's too old"
I Want To Get Next To You
Love Is Alive
Tonight's The Night
Feels Like The First Time

9) What song goes to the following lyrics: "Sister Suzie, Brother John, Martin Luther, Phil and Don, Brother Michael, Auntie Gin"
Welcome Back
Silly Love Songs
Got To Get You Into My Life
Let' Em In
10) Who had a hit in 1976 with the song: "Kiss and Say Goodbye"?
Billy Paul
Bellamy Brothers
Billy Ocean
The Manhanttans

11) Who had a hit in 1976 with the song: "Show Me the Way"?
Roger Daltry
Peter Frampton
Roger Glover and Friends
Barry Manilow
12) "Don't Go breaking My Heart" was a number one hit for which duo?
Kenny Rogers and Linda Ronstadt
Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond
Elton John and Kiki Dee
Paul McCartney and Carly Simon